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When to Replace Your Tires

Forklift tires do far more than just help truck trips from A to B. Tire truck lift transmits the torque of the lift truck to the ground, helps provide the stability needed for movement

Forklift tires are a large part of operating costs – 20% -30% of the total forklift lifetime operations
Free entrance to the tire. Outdated tires are cut into productivity, taking up to 10% more time to cover-up
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The convenience of the operator, and therefore productivity, is also very associated with tire conditions. The tire
is the only shock absorber on forklifts. Operators who are comfortable finishing more work.

When To Replace Your Lift Truck Tires

Look for these signs that you need a new tire:

Chunking (the missing part of the tread of the tire as if sliced ​​or torn)
Goular (missing pieces from tires)
Flat spots
Rubber separation from the wheel.
Lost of the tire volume

Identify the loss of tire volume

Tire volume must be done with these numbers placed on the sidewall of the tire.
21 times at 15. The first number, 21 is the height of the tire. 7 is wide, 15 is a rim size.
If this measured 2 inches less than the diameter of the upstairs, it will come time to change the tire. In this case, if height is 19.

Why lose tire volume?

When you lose 2 inches on standard size tires, you drive a truck 15-18% harder and further than you need, just because you now have a smaller tire, so you wear more items and parts of the tire fair. It’s a good reason to check the wear of your tires, and the volume on your tire.