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What to look for in a great pop up tent

Pop up tents are a great option as a backup tent, for occasional campers, or for festival camping. As with any tent purchase, the trick is finding the balance between size, durability, and price. There are also a few extra considerations to keep in mind when choosing a pop up tent: weather protection, ventilation, and size. You can find best custom 10×10 pop up tent via×10-custom-pop-up-tent?custom=Choose%20Your%20Size

20x20 Custom Pop Up Tent

Weather Protection
Pop up tents are designed to be light and portable. The lightweight materials and all-in-one construction mean that many pop up tents are not rated for use in heavy wind or rain.

Placing a tarp beneath your tent and a rain fly or tarp above your tent can provide extra rain protection, but that does take away from the incredibly quick set up that may have drawn you to a pop up tent to begin with. If that is the case, your pop up tent will make a great secondary tent for clear nights or backyard camping.

 For extra windy conditions, look for a tent with stakes and tie downs like the 4 Man Cinch! which has both.

pop up tents are small by design, which can lead to poor ventilation and stifling interior temperatures during the afternoon. If you plan to camp in humid weather, look for a tent with extra large windows to encourage airflow.