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What Do You Mean by Video Streaming?

Streaming video is the video conversion process and a compressed digital audio format and then distribute the data across computer networks. The compressed data can be sent more easily via computer networks because of its smaller size. Video and audio content can be live or pre-recorded and can be streamed or delivered on the content of the application.

The Live video Streaming in Singapore on the Internet is similar to the standard television broadcasting. The software is used to convert audio and video into a format suitable for delivery using a computer network.

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The television stations are using special equipment to convert video and audio data in an appropriate dissemination format. Special computer network transport protocols allow the distribution of multimedia content to the end user (viewer) compared with radio transmitters to send the video and audio content to individual televisions.

The first step is that compress the audio and video content. This is necessary to save bandwidth used for the delivery of content. Software applications specifically developed, called codecs are used to compress video and audio data. Codecs use mathematical algorithms to compress data. Most codecs use a compression method of data compression with data loss.

The next step is to distribute the encoded video and audio content. Special server software is required for the continuous distribution of multimedia content.