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What Are the Advantages of a Commercial Apprenticeship?

What exactly is apprenticeship? "This is a very common question I get when I tell someone what I have done in the past. In some countries there are education systems that allow young people to choose a profession and do an apprenticeship after they finish high school, which usually lasts three to three years to four years.

This option is offered in almost any field, for example certain internships allow people to work in the commercial sector (banks, insurance companies, hotels, all types of offices, logistics) or in manual jobs that qualify as carpenters or electricians, carpenters bread, cook etc. for work.

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During this training period, all youth go to school 1-2 days a week and the remainder of the week work in their chosen job. After these 3 years, students receive a diploma and can work as employees who meet the requirements of their profession.

Many young people don't know what they want to be when they are young (around 14-15 years old). This system gives young people more time to decide whether to stay in their chosen subject or choose a different subject and take the opportunity to go to university to study something else.

During their 3-4 years of training, students work in various departments of the company. This opportunity is a great asset to their professional life. After this process, they already know the entire company system better than other employees by shifting them through the department.