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What Aare FFPE Tissue Blocks Used For?

Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded Tissue Samples (FFPE) are used mainly by researchers and the medical community to preserve biopsy samples. The specimens are then embedded in a paraffin wax block. This preserves the tissues' proteins and structures. Once the tissue has been preserved in blocks, thin slices can be cut and mounted on a microscope slide for examination. 

It is possible to prepare and store FFPE tissue from any animal, including human tissue. There are specific requirements for buffer concentration and processing. Properly prepared tissue blocks and slides can be archived for a long time and used retrospectively in research and clinical studies. However, you can also visit for getting FFPE tissue samples for future research.

What Is FFPE Tissue And What Are Its Uses - BioChain Institute Inc.

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The immunohistochemistry method is used often in FFPE tissue blocks. Slides are mounted on slides and then bathed with solutions containing antibodies that specifically bind specific proteins and structures. Staining is used to visualize the antibodies. This information can prove to be very important both clinically and in research. It can aid in the detection of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of cancer. 

FFPE tissue blocks are also useful for recovering DNA, RNA, or proteins using new techniques. This is a great opportunity because it allows you to have a large source of preserved and annotated material that can be used in molecular biology or biochemistry research.


Research and clinical studies require high-quality FFPE specimens. Because FFPE specimens can be stored easily and are relatively cheap, future research will not require FFPE blocks.

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