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Understanding Commercial Janitorial Services in CA

Janitorial services companies in America work in two main spheres, namely residential services and commercial services. Whilst residential services provide a good stream of revenue for these companies, commercial services are probably more lucrative for most business. You can also check to hire janitorial services in CA. 

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What is covered by a commercial service?

Commercial janitorial services companies normally deal with repairs, maintenance and cleaning services at offices, warehouses, call centers and other types of workplaces. They understand local health and safety regulations so that they can make sure that the area that they are working on meets all of the local health and safety and cleanliness regulations. The challenges that they face are actually very different from those that are faced by janitors who work on residential properties. Because of these differences, it is very important that commercial services are well-trained with a slightly different skills set than those of their residential counterparts.

What might be covered by commercial janitorial services?

Janitors who work with commercial clients have to work on a very wide range of projects. These projects might include; creating a maintenance schedule, routine building repairs, window washing, floor cleaning, arranging electrical safety tests for electrical units, garden maintenance, car park maintenance, dealing with hazardous waste, removing rubbish, and helping to ensure that the companies that they work for follow local recycling guidelines.

Why do commercial services differ from residential janitors?

Commercial services often differ from residential ones, because people who are working in the commercial sector normally have different rules and regulations to follow. For example, because companies produce such a high volume of waste, they are often bound by regulations which dictate how much of this must be recycled, or which waste disposal site it can be taken to. Janitorial services companies can help companies to take control of these issues and offer advice on their management.