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The Benefits of Using a Powder Coating Line

Powder coated hand spray booth allows workers to prepare, cover, dry and batch cure manually. They work well for random powder coating projects, but they can't meet mass production needs. On the other hand, the automatic powder coating line serves as a production line for the powder coating process.

Each coating round attracts a new batch of items to the production line to speed up overall out time. You can look for industrial powder coating solutions online.

The advantages of the automatic powder coating line include:


The automatic powder coating line uses a conveyor system to transfer parts from stage to stage an automatic system. Companies can automate all or part of the powder coating process to improve quality control and assurance. Some companies have to control parts of the process manually to meet customer requirements.


Powder coating offers a more even paint finish regardless of the application method. Automated systems can in some cases give slightly more consistent results because each batch is in the same position and receives the same processing at each stage of the process.

Waste Reduction

Many hand powder coating booths use a sewage spraying system. The excess dust cannot be recovered and causes unnecessary waste. Automatic powder coating line with dust regeneration system can almost remove waste from the coating process.


Automatic powder coating lines can cost a little more upfront than handheld systems, but save money over time. Organizations can use automated systems to reduce the number of skilled workers required to maintain powder coating production.