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Why Explainer Videos Are Effective

There's no doubt that the Internet today is overflowing with videos which is no surprise videos are the most frequently and widely used form of content marketing and have an established record of increasing website traffic and increasing sales. Yet, many are struggling with their attempts to master the art of video marketing and the reason for this is that they have made videos that aren't the right ones.

There are many videos that marketers can use for a variety of reasons, for example, increasing the brand's recognition, increasing the number of visitors to a site, or providing general industry-related information to a loyal customer base. One of these videos is an explainer video. It has proved to be extremely well-liked. You can hire the best animated explainer video production service to make an engaging video for your website.

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short video approximately 90 seconds in length, that does the job of explaining a business concept in a clear, informative, and engaging manner. Animation is a common format for an explainer video because the visuals capture consumer attention quickly and can easily communicate how a product or service can benefit a consumer or solve a problem they might be experiencing.

To expand on this concept, the explainer video introduces the audience to a particular subject — this can be a description of the features of a new product or service, an introduction to a brand, or an overview of a process, such as how a particular app works. An explainer video can also serve as a short tutorial on how to utilize a product or a software application.

Lastly, explainer videos can lead consumers to visit your website to learn more about a product, a service, or your company. You can also use an explainer video to promote your brand and showcase your company culture, further engaging the consumer and building brand recognition.

What Kinds of Web Videos Are There

You may be wondering which type of web video is best for your business or company as web videos become more popular. Web videos can be a powerful marketing tool and a way to personalize your website.

Before you decide on the style of video you will use, it is important to think about what your video is going to be used for. These are just a few of the many types that have taken over computer screens in the last couple of years.


Animated explainers or explanation videos are often used. These videos are helpful for explaining products that don’t lend themselves to text. This is why animation is often used in these videos. An explainer video can be used to explain websites, apps, web products, or other internet services.

Piece to Camera

You can film this type of video with a webcam. These videos are often low-budget and can be either extremely effective or amateurish. These videos involve one person talking to a camera about a subject. An amateur piece to camera web video might be a response to another person's video or something that's happened in the news.

They can also give insight into the person who made the video. Many "vloggers", or video bloggers, release videos on the internet weekly or every other week. These videos can help you show your personality and add a little flair to your website.


Interview web videos are engaging to watch. Interviews can also be conducted with people from specific industries that you think your viewers might find useful or interesting. Interviews are a great way to promote your company. Interviewees are likely to share the interview with their friends. There is potential for you to be interviewed on their site or promoted on their social networks. This can only be good.