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Tips On Window Replacement Styles

Homeowners have many different choices when it comes to replacement windows. There are a lot of different window styles, types, and options available. For homeowners who are not familiar with the jargon of this article may be helpful resources.

  • Double Hung

A double-hung window is equipped with an upper and lower sash that opens by sliding the bottom and top sash up and down. Some double-hung slant-in for easy cleaning and maintenance.  You can find window installation services in Oshawa from various web sources.

  • Casement

Casement window hinged side feature that allows the unit to be opened like a small door. Several casements crank feature that can be turned to open the window. Casement windows that do not feature the hand crank are often referred to as the push-out casements.

  • Awning

Awning windows are similar to the casements. One of the differences between the tent and the casements are open frame hinge location. Awning windows open vertically, with a frame hinge located at the top of the window.

  • Bay

Bay window to get their characteristics from the way they stand out from the outside of the house. They feature a fixed picture window and other windows flanking the two styles of each side. Styles may come in various forms and combinations. Most bays come in a 30-degree or 45-degree angle, it really depends on the manufacturer.

  • Arc

Bow similar to a bay window but usually featuring a series of small casement or fixed windows combined to form a small bow. Bows are popular with homeowners because they provide living space to add dimension and style symmetrically.

  • Garden

A garden window is designed to provide an easy way to grow plants. Wildlife window often mounted at an angle of 90 degrees. The top of the unit features beveled glass to maximize sunlight and to allow the owner to put the different plant life directly into the sun without leaving the outside. Many garden windows are tested and certified in accordance with NFRC guidelines.