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Features Of Website Creation

Website creation is both a creative and technically complex process that involves many stages. The development of a new resource is actually the creation of a new information product that will solve a certain range of tasks. You can also look for 'Marseille Web Agency' (also known as 'Agence Web Marseille' in the French language) to get the best website creation services.

Website Creation A Look Into It

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Pay attention to the key types of sites: business card, corporate, information, selling page, and online store. Business card websites are short, often single-page resources that aim to inform or present. Corporate portals – this is a full-fledged presentation of the company, its products, or services.

Information resources are popular online media. The selling page is aimed at selling goods or services; the online store is a full-fledged commercial site.

In this case, each type of site is divided into many sub-groups according to the type of design chosen by the content management system, the chosen design, and the functional. Accordingly, the process of their development is inextricably linked with creativity, based on understanding the presentation of information on the Internet.

The service of creating websites is the most common in the field of Internet technologies.

How does the site work?

First of all, it is necessary to determine the contractor – a person or a company that will undertake the development of sites. In this situation, you can refer to free-lancers (the person works for himself) or to companies.

The latter option is the most preferable and safe, as you get all the necessary guarantees of the quality of the webmaster's work. When accessing a web studio, the process of creating a website involves several key steps:

Discussion – setting goals and objectives of the site, finding out the key nuances of its work and functioning in general;

Drawing up a technical task, where all the features of the creation and operation of the future site will be written;

Design – the creation of any site begins with the development of its design. It is at this stage that a "visible" part of the resource is created;

Programming – visualized representation and function of the resource acquire forms in the form of program code.