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Used CNC Routers: Getting the Best Machine for Your Money

Used woodworking machinery allows woodworkers to afford equipment that would too expensive to buy new. With a new sticker price that can reach the six-figure mark, computer numerical control (CNC) machinery is a perfect example of equipment that is often bought secondhand.

Machines that feature CNC technology are the most sought-after woodworking equipment on the market, and buying them used doesn't require you to compromise on performance or reliability. But you have to buy the right machine from the right seller. Below are tips for buying used cnc router machine that will deliver excellent performance and reliability.

5200W Chiller for CNC Router, Laser Machine

Buy from a Professional Seller

Used CNC routers can be purchased from a variety of sources, not all of which are qualified to assess CNC machinery. Although amateur sellers can offer great deals, the safest choice is to shop with sellers that specialize in selling used woodworking machinery. These sellers own their own facility, where they inspect recondition used machinery.

Evaluate the Seller's Customer Service Quality

Evaluating a seller's customer service quality is done in two ways: by requesting customer references, and by checking its record at the Better Business Bureau (BBB). When requesting references, you should request more than the standard amount of three or four.

Often, a seller's preferred references portray it in a way that doesn't reflect its customer service quality. When checking the seller's BBB record, check to see if it has unresolved customer complaints on its record. If it does, you can bet that it doesn't believe that the customer is always right.