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Are There Different Types Of Performance Exhausts?

If you’ve done a bit of research on this already, you’ve probably heard or read a lot of different terms for types of exhaust. While this might sound complicated, the difference is simply how much of your original exhaust system you’re replacing.

Cat-back, GPF-back, and PDF-back exhausts

Perhaps the most widely adopted sports exhaust, cat-back exhaust from is a performance upgrade from the catalytic converter to the end of the exhaust. This is normally about 2/3rds of the original exhaust system.

When you buy a cat-back exhaust you generally get the middle pipework which sometimes includes a silencer (depending on the make and model you choose), and the rear pipework, silencers, and tailpipes.

For cars with Gasoline (GPF) or Diesel-Particulate Filters (DPF), a GPF-Back or DPF-Back is almost the same thing. It connects behind the emissions hardware at the front of the exhaust.

A cat-back exhaust is normally where you start seeing noticeable performance gains from an exhaust. You’re replacing enough of the pipework and silencers that the performance gains really start adding up. 

Turbo-Back exhausts

If you want to go all-in and don’t mind remapping, then a turbo-back exhaust is a highly effective performance upgrade.

Taking its name because you guessed it, it replaces the exhaust system from the turbo back to the tailpipes; a turbo-back exhaust replaces the whole factory exhaust including the original catalytic converter.

This is either going to be getting replaced with a better performing sports catalyst, or a straight-through section of pipe known as a de-cat. Both offer very similar power gains because modern sport cats are very efficient.