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Labor Compliance In The Marijuana Industry

When it comes to work compliance in the cannabis industry, many business owners want to know what makes their business different from other retail or service industries.

The main reason for this uncertainty is that, according to the federal government, marijuana is still classified as a drug, meaning it has no medical benefit and is highly addictive. You can get more details about the best medical cannabis consultation services in Canada via

Under this name, many aspects of commerce that are not a problem for normal business, such as banking and taxes, become additional burdens in day-to-day business.

Many states have made strides in reforming marijuana, such as giving it a medical name, while others have made it completely legal. State enforcement is a major concern for cannabis dispensaries and there will be more or less concern depending on the administration. 

While state regulations on the legality of marijuana maintain its bleak status, business owners still have to adhere to normal business standards. At the state level, where it is legal to run a cannabis dispensary, employees defend their right to a fair work environment. Therefore, the posting of job posters is still mandatory, at least at the state level. 

This means that laws on minimum wages, work safety, and anti-discrimination laws must continue to be complied with. With respect to federal laws such as the fair labor standards act, family and medical leave act, equal employment opportunities, OSHA Compliance, employment rights and the resignation of uniform service act, and the employee polygraph protection act, these laws remain uncertain. 

On the one hand, employers are still responsible for complying with federal labor laws, even though the company itself is not recognized as a legal entity. Therefore, it is still good business practice to comply with these laws even if the attention of the federal government is not on the business.