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Canadian Dried Magic Mushroom Relieve Depression

According to a recent study, psychedelic mushrooms and  Canadian dried magic mushrooms could lead to new ways to treat depression.

Dried magic mushrooms are thought to be "mind-expanding", so it is widely believed that they work by increasing brain activity. You can check out our wide range of dried magic mushrooms from online sources.

The effects of magic mushroom reported by study participants — such as seeing "geometric" patterns, experiencing an altered sense of time and space, and unusual physical sensations — correlated with decreased oxygen and blood flow to the back of the brain, the cortex, and the brain's medial prefrontal cortex said the study authors.

Studies show that the medial prefrontal cortex is highly active in people with depression, so the effects of magic mushrooms on this brain area may be responsible for some of the antidepressant effects reported in previous studies, the study authors said.

Dried magic mushrooms were widely used in psychotherapy, but the biological justification for their use has not been properly studied. Our results support the idea that magic mushroom facilitates access to personal memories and emotions. Meanwhile, it is recommended that dried magic mushrooms be purchased to manage symptoms in patients with depression.

Previous studies have shown that mushrooms can improve people's emotional well-being and even reduce depression in people with anxiety. This is in line with our finding that dried magic mushrooms reduce mPFC activity, as does highly effective treatment for depression.