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The Miracle Mushroom for Health, Wealth and Happiness

Medications have no side effects. This can improve your constitution, enhance your body's healing abilities, maintains a healthy body and longevity. Although humans have known the therapeutic effects of mushroom for thousands of years, it was only successfully cultivated for medical purposes in the 1970s.

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These together are chemocateres, detoxifiers, diuretics, liver protection, intestinal regulators, cardiotonic, blood pressure regulators, colatonic, antitussive and expectorant, sedatives and antitumor agents.

DXN produces in this medicinal product from Ganoderma Lucidum, which is grown according to special tissue culture and organic growing methods without using chemical fertilizers or insecticides.

GM is effective in scanning for disease, cleansing toxins, regulating bodily functions, ensuring recovery, maintaining youthfulness and containing polysaccharides, organic germanium, adenosine, essence of Ganoderma, triterpenoids, proteins and fiber.

While polysaccharides act as cleaning agents, organic germanium acts as a counterweight, increases the body's oxygen content and regulates the balance of electrical charge in the body.

Adenosine acts as a regulator that lowers cholesterol and lipids, stabilizes the red blood cell membrane and regulates metabolism for a feeling of youth. Triterpenoids act as builders, strengthen the digestive system and activate the cell nucleus.

Ganodermic mushroom essence acts as a regenerator to overcome skin diseases by rejuvenating body tissues and beautifying the skin. GL functions as a brain tonic, oxygen provider and basis for body growth and contains, in addition to various vitamins and minerals, nearly four times more organic polysaccharides and germanium than GM.