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Eco Gardens – What They Really Mean

Eco gardens are environment-friendly gardens, which are also friendly to wildlife and allows for the promotion of sustainable living concepts. You can get the information about kid friendly borders via

Eco gardens are aimed at creating a garden that is in perfect harmony with nature and the promotion of indigenous plants. Becoming an eco gardener does not mean you have to dump your garden design plans, far from it.

Eco gardens aim to reduce the carbon footprint and it is quite easy to become an environmentally friendly gardener without compromising your gardening plans.

In this article, you will get a broad overview of how to go about setting up an eco garden without too much trouble.

The first step in setting up an eco garden is to consider the materials you plan to use. You need to query where they come from and whether they have been ethically sourced.

Let us take for example natural stone that you want to use in your garden; you need to make sure that it comes from adult mines that have proper health and safety standards for their workers, otherwise don't buy the stone.

Patio and drive areas do have a certain amount of carbon that gets produced when newly laid. This can be offset by planting one or more trees to absorb carbon dioxide.

People are slowly learning the importance of recycling household items like plastic, glass, paper, and aluminum. Why not apply the same recycling rules to garden materials; there are plenty that can be reused.