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Functional And Fashionable: A Field Jacket For Women

As fashion designers have marketed just about everything that can be innovated, jackets have certainly not been left out of the equation. And with field jackets, there have been no exceptions.

Originally made for the military, full sleeve indigo jacket for women have become functional jackets for all to wear in cold weather conditions. In fact, aside from its practicality, the field jacket for women has become a stylistic addition to fashionable wear.

Patagonia has a large assortment of field jackets to keep you warm and dry in the backcountry. With an eco synthetic to trap heat for warmth, the jackets are sure to comfort you when temperatures drop. Being a mountain gear brand, this coat is suitable for rough circumstances and true mountaineers. Various styles come with different features, but all Patagonia field jackets come with great customer feedback.

Cross over the trendy side of a field jacket with a leather jacket from Gap. Still stemming from the rugged military look, this jacket is stylish and feminine. It allows you to have a sleek silhouette whilst remaining warm. The Gap field jacket features authentic details with hip components. Try the trendy version of a field jacket for women with this purchase!

For the field jacket strength in a compact way, try a field jacket from Mountain. You will have the ability to move fast, light, and dry in this fully welded jacket. Mountain offers several lightweight jackets for active women who want firm protection against weather without feeling overly bulky. You will not feel slowed down in a breathable field jacket from Mountain.