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The Best Wireless Chargers

Few things are more convenient than dropping your phone on a wireless charging mat or placing it on a stand. It's amazing how convenient it is to be able to grab your phone and answer a call without having to fiddle with cables. There are many best hidden wireless charger and accessories that you can buy for your phone.

Which type of charger are you looking for? Stands and pads are the most popular types of wireless chargers. For a nightstand, a pad is better than a stand. However, a stand can be used on a desk.

What speed does it charge? It may take quite a while for a standard Qi charging pad to fully charge a device. A first-party charger will provide the fastest possible charging. Although some third-party chargers can charge quickly, they are only suitable for iPhones and Samsung flagships.

What number of devices can you charge wirelessly? Wireless charging is not only possible for smartphones.

To ensure they don't run low on juice, accessories such as smartwatches and wireless earphones can be dropped onto a wireless charging pad. You can choose from dual or trio charging pads that allow you to charge up to three devices simultaneously.

Third-party accessories for phones usually offer better deals, whether it's in terms of price or features. Wireless chargers are a different story. A wireless charger from an OEM manufacturer will provide the best possible experience.

It is not difficult for third-party wireless chargers to catch up. Some accessory manufacturers have released chargers that support Samsung’s fast wireless charging feature. A few others provide fast charging speeds for iPhones and Pixels.