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Commercial Laundry Business Trends

In today's economy, how do commercial washing services stay competitive? From start to finish, by focusing on the details and providing a superior client experience. When it comes to purchasing laundry services, today's consumers have an astounding array of options, and the industry has taken notice.

More and more commercial laundry solutions are distinguishing themselves by working to provide an extra level of service to customers, whether through increased options or to use of a gentler wash and fewer harsh chemicals to improve the quality of their wash. You can also find the best commercial laundry solutions via

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Provide Better Business Intelligence

One of the greatest things about recent updates in laundry technology is that nearly everything can be measured. Quantifying water and energy usage in laundry used to be nearly impossible, but now we have washing machines with software that can measure water as well as electricity and chemical data for your entire laundry operation.

Go Green

We’ve already touched upon green initiatives that are taking place and will continue in the future to improve the way we do laundry, but If you've been looking for a way to bring in new customers, or impress your current customer base, "green" cleaning methods are the way to go.

What has once been considered an expensive and difficult change for the laundry industry is now a much more common occurrence and something that potential customers actively search for? So give them what they want, and you'll be sure to see the benefits.