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Contact Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawyers Today

Made primarily of mineral powder, talc used in infants and face powder, body powder, cosmetics, feminine wash, and other consumer products. Powder absorbs moisture and is often used to help reduce the friction of fabric against the skin. But products containing talc has been linked to an increased risk of ovarian cancer in women.

Several baby powder and ovarian cancer lawsuits have been filed in the US against the makers of the powder-based products. Johnson & Johnson facing thousands of lawsuits from consumers whose lives have been affected by a dangerous product. Although the company stop selling this product in North America, the struggle continues for the law to compensate injured consumers.

Lawyers can help if you or a family member suffering from ovarian cancer after using the powder. We are here to protect your rights to compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost wages.

While naturally powder can contain asbestos, carcinogens, consumer products containing asbestos powder has been free since the 1970s. But recent research shows that modern, asbestos-free talc products may increase the risk of ovarian cancer in women when used in the genital area.

Powder does not break down in the body, and can travel through a woman's uterus, and fallopian tubes to the ovaries, causing irritation and possibly cancer. The International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies the use of genital talc-based body powder as "possibly carcinogenic to humans."