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Yoga Apps – Now, Be Your Own Trainer

Yoga is one of the oldest methods not only for exercising and stretching but also for finding inner peace and relieving stress. However, most of us don't know which yoga pose is beneficial for us and how to go about doing it. You can check the best yoga app at for fitness. 

Here are some of the best iPad apps for users to learn yoga on their own.


This yoga app from Electronic Arts. It consists of five classes including three beginners, one intermediate class, and one advanced class. Each class features unlimited videos with audio cues so you can practice quickly and easily wherever you are. 

Daily yoga

The app offers a variety of free exercises for beginners, while advanced exercises can be purchased for a monthly subscription fee. Apart from the exercises, the app also offers a poses library with videos and written instructions as well as a music library. 

Yoga studio

This amazing yoga app consists of 30 HD videos of pre-made classes and more than 280 special learning poses. The finished yoga lesson can be downloaded at the push of a button. These classes can be categorized based on the duration and skill of the user. 

iYoga +

This app allows users to get and practice on their own by downloading yoga videos and lessons in HD related to various yoga poses and asanas. This application has another program that will allow the user to get the perfect body shape naturally and healthily.