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Important Dog Care Tips How to Take Care of Your Dog

Regular and varied walks are not just essential to keep your dog healthy. They also give him the chance to explore new environments and to experience new stimuli, including meeting other dogs. This will help him develop into a contented and well-adjusted dog, and avoid developing problem behavior.

Always supervise your dog's outside walking and exercise. Remember that not everyone is as fond of dogs as you are. Not to mention that accidents can happen very easily, so keep your dog on the leash unless you are in the safe fully fenced area. If you want to connect with a pet charity organization then, you can look for the FACE foundation for animals to know the best animal charity programs.

On the other hand don't make the mistake of over-exercising your dog while he's still young, as his bones aren't yet strong enough to cope with the extra stress this puts on him. Shorter period and often is the rule until your dog grows to full strength.

Regular walking also allows your dog to eliminate itself properly.

Don't make the mistake of keeping your dog in a crate where it cannot even turn around not to mention stretch!

If you have a fenced backyard one of the best solutions to take proper care of your dog is to install a doggy-door so he can have an extra exercise whenever he feels like or needs to go out. It will prevent many health problems in the future.

A high quality dog food is essential for a healthy dog. Always check the labels and what the ingredients are. Most dry foods in North America are based on corn as their main component, which may be good for pigs or chicken, but it is definitely not good for dogs! Dogs are mainly meat-eaters so the majority of the food should be animal proteins based.

Many pet food companies are using this dirty trick that they list the ingredients one by one, so it would seem that the meat is the main component, because it is listed first, but when you add it together, you will find out that the majority of the components are grain based!

We Need Vets – A Lot of Them

Just like doctors for humans, pet doctors, or veterinarians, come in all specialties. Some focus on general pet care. Some are specialists in dogs, or cats, or horses, or livestock. Some practice emergency pet medicine.

There are also specialties as varied as pet dermatology, reproductive health, etc. Just like doctors, vets pursue these specialties after their initial vet training. Regardless of specialty, all vets have the basic training required to perform routine pet care. You can also donate money for saving pets life via

Veterinarians are also responsible for food safety and other things related to microbes, such as biological warfare. This comes as a surprise to many people, but makes perfect sense when one considers that many diseases are spread through animals and that much of our food comes from animals.

Vet researchers study diseases transferred between humans and animals. Much of this research leads to drugs to treat humans. Vets inspect slaughterhouses, work for restaurant inspection agencies and ensure that dead animals are not diseased and are disposed of correctly.

Vets help establish government regulations involving food production and storage. Anytime a food borne illness outbreak occurs, vets are the people looking for the cause and the origin of the illness. This often takes them to farms and slaughterhouses in foreign countries to determine if their standards meet US requirements.

Since many drugs to be used on humans are tested first on animals, it's not surprising to hear that vets are also active in all medical research. Vets are on hand to diagnose problems with the animals and to treat them when such problems arise.

In any sports activity that has animals involved you will find plenty of vets. Whether it's horse racing, dog racing, circuses or whatever, vets are the people charged with keeping the animals healthy and caring for their medical needs. Try to find a thoroughbred racehorse without a vet on a 24 hour call.