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Protecting Older Adults With Guardianship Law In Arizona

Generally, when we hear the term guardianship, we think of minors being cared for by a court-appointed guardian, but adults can also find themselves in court-determined situations. Older adults who can no longer manage their finances or household chores are often placed under the guardianship or guardianship of caring children or loved ones.

Sometimes a guardian is appointed long before the need for the person. In this situation, the older person has the right to who their guardian is and under what circumstances conservatism intervenes.

The Guardianship Act serves to protect a person's finances and property, health care, and life choices when they are unable to do so. You may be unable to work due to age, illness, or injury. There are three types of agreements: trustee, property, and general trustee.

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The guardian of the person is responsible for the health of the ward. They can arrange medical appointments, work in life-sustaining situations, pay medical bills and take care of insurance matters on behalf of their neighborhood. This type of preservation is most often found in preliminary medical prescriptions.

The property or property administrator has general responsibility for the property and its environmental assets. They usually take care of tax payments, inventory and asset allocation, as well as financial management.