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Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before Thinking About Advance Estate Planning in California

Before you begin estate planning, there are some important questions you should ask:

What protocol would you like to see at the end?

This could be about whether you wish to be kept alive, but comfortable, or the use of resuscitative devices, or other things. Although you can figure organ donation, your driver's license allows you to indicate whether you wish to donate organs. You can know more about advanced estate planning via

What are your priorities?

A spouse/partner and their children are usually beneficiaries. But, you might not have any children. Perhaps you would like the money to be donated to charity, or other relatives and individuals.

How can you log in to different locations?

It's important to establish a way for someone you trust and assign to access your online accounts. These digital loose ends can then be managed.

How much are you worth?

Make a list of everything you own and all you have. Even if your assets are not very large, they can be considered your estate. Do not sell yourself short.

Are you able to do it?

Bring it along, even if you only have a sketch of what you want to happen after you pass. It's amazing how much things can be changed.

These were a few of the questions, you should ask yourself so that you are clear about everything.