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Architectural Designs – Utilizing 3D Visualization In Malaysia

Now that the use of technology can be found in almost every sector of the building industry, it is a logical progression to use CAD and CGI design to create 3 dimensional (or 3D) modeling in architectural design.

3D visualization is definitely not a new technique in the construction industry: it is used from the very beginning of the construction of permanent houses and other structures to give customers a visual overview of the finished project with the help of a smaller scale.

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In the past, 3D modeling was all about scalable models, carefully crafted from materials like Paris plaster or wood, or even heavy cards. In the modern sense, CAD or computer-aided design and CGI or computer-generated drawings lighten the toil of this important advertising medium and achieve in a relatively short time what would sometimes take months in the past with great accuracy.

Computer-generated 3D modeling renders flat, less impressive images and transforms them into realistic designs so customers can better visualize the finished project in virtual reality. This can be very effective in 3D architecture.

Customers are no longer limited to technical drawings or floor plans that can only be interpreted by an experienced eye: With modern technology, almost any architectural concept can be manipulated in such a way that the viewer can "walk" around and through the design to see its merits. building, while at the same time allowing potential problems to be reduced or eliminated that would traditionally be very difficult to predict and expensive to eliminate.