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Sports clothing with body armor – answers to your questions

The most durable vests are made for men who are always at war with their enemies. Ordinary soldiers wear these clunky metal plates to protect themselves from harm. However, with advances in technology, newer and more modern designs of sportswear with bulletproof vests have been developed. To get more details about womens sportswear sets you may check here

Sports clothing with body armor - answers to your questions

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Also, ballistic vests today are designed not only for men but also for women. The number of women employed in the army, and other law enforcement agencies has increased over the years. Therefore, improvement and guidance are not only aimed at men but also women to ensure optimal protection.

1. You can have personalized body armor.

Because men and women are created differently, they have different bodies, needs, demands, and desires. Given, men most likely won't wear women's cardigans and vice versa. Thus, bulletproof vests are designed with attention to the contours of the body and the chest, especially for those with large breasts, to provide optimal protection.

2. Ballistic vests are available in various sizes.

People differ physically from appearance to body, height, and even in their needs. Because of this, bulletproof vests are designed for different sizes of people. The sizes range from small to 5XL. No matter how tall you are, you are sure to find the perfect fit.

3. Body armor has 6 levels of resistance.

As not everyone needs the same protection, the NIJ has established 6 levels of protection capacity to adequately meet everyone's needs. Civilians should not buy heavier vests.