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Selecting Interior Door Hardware For Your Home

Door hardware contains all the hardware needed for your door function. This includes locks, door handles or knobs, and hinges. Door hardware adds to the beauty of your home and makes a statement for you. In a new home, the builder's designer will likely ask you to first select the style and finish of the hardware for your gates.  You can also buy the best gate hardware through various online sources.

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Why? Other hardware (furnishings, showers, lights) is matched with door hardware. When you are looking for bronze locks for windows with grease, you usually have door hinges, locks, and handles or doorknobs made of bronze as well. The right choice of hardware provides cohesion to the home design.

Once you've decided on the right hardware, you'll need to choose the function of the door handles for each room. Bathrooms and bedrooms usually use a privacy lock to allow the occupants of that room to lock the door from the inside. 

When installing, be sure to place the lock on the inside of the room to prevent anyone from locking the room and place the release lock somewhere outside where it can be easily accessed in an emergency. 

Passageway locksets are typically intended for doors that don't require a privacy lock, such as closets, stairs, laundry rooms, muddy rooms, or hallways. Faux doorknobs can also be used to provide a door opening handle that closes with a magnet instead of a key – typically used in two-door cabinets.

Apart from functionality, you can also use doorknobs or door handles. Door handles tend to be easier to use (dogs learn to open them too) and give a European look. Doorknobs can be more elegant, especially if you opt for crystal doorknobs.