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Psycho Genealogy Help People To Understand Who They Are

Psychomagic is a type of art and interpretation that leads people to recovery from “poetic actions”, precisely triggered actions that seem understandable but have an important impact on our subconscious.

This magic writing works directly within us and it brings about real change because something is happening inside us. To get psychotherapy for elderly depression could be proved beneficial to overcome depression.

It is very interesting to start this process and path of awareness, the path that is built, we can begin to gather information about our family tree: sisters, brothers, parents, uncles and aunts and grandparents to our great-grandparents.

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We need to state first and last name, date of birth and death, miscarriage or abortion, occupation and cultural status. All of these are important details and signs, because they are all we inherit and happen to be few.

There are several tools for working with this thinking, one example of which is the familiar constellation, a unique method that discovers all the hidden mechanisms that are the strong chains in our lives.

The first step is to understand and know this mechanism, and this process leads to liberation and restoration and true healing.

It's easy, and we do this important job of being ourselves. The most important experts in this field, is the spokesman for this type of conscience, they developed the famous psychomagic system.