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Professional Jump Rope: The Most Effective Tool For Immediate Fitness

Americans are in the midst of a major health crisis. Our luxurious lifestyles and processed foods are causing an unprecedented increase in chronic disease among adults and children.

Diet and exercise are the only ways people can regain their health. This article focuses on jumping rope as the best and most practical exercise for everyone. The best equipment, how long the workout should last, how many calories jump rope burns, and many other benefits. You can also buy professional jump rope from for your daily exercise.

professional jump rope, leather skipping rope

Jump rope for under $15 at most sporting goods stores. Any rope can be used as a jump rope, but we recommend using a rope that has ball bearing handles to allow the rope to move smoothly without twisting. 

The most important piece of equipment you may already own – supportive athletic shoes. The best shoes for jumping rope are tennis shoes or cross trainers. You need supportive shoes with good shock absorption and lateral stability. Sneakers do not support the foot from lateral loads.

Jumping rope is inexpensive, easy to carry in a briefcase or backpack, can be used almost anywhere, and can be more effective than a gym membership for a quick fit. This article has inspired its readers to use this simple tool to quickly reach maximum fitness and health levels.