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Physical Therapist Assistant – Job Information

Even in difficult economic times, the health care industry continues its growth and offers many job opportunities. A physical therapist assistant job is a great option for those looking for security and working with patients every day. It is much easier to get into a medical job than the education required for a physical therapist assistant. This is a rewarding career choice for people who are interested in the healthcare field.

PTA Duties

A physical therapist assistant is a person who assists the physical therapist by taking care of office duties and treating patients. To ensure that patients are comfortable while performing physical therapy safely, therapists depend on their assistants. A PTA could be responsible for the following:

– Apply cold and hot packs

– Taking patient notes

– Documenting patient progress

– How to take care of your electrical stimulation equipment

– Assistance with stretching and therapy for connective and dermal tissue repair

– Teach certain exercises

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The job requires a lot of standing, lifting, and kneeling. The schedules of PTA assistants can vary depending on where they are working. Assistant jobs can be found in hospitals and private practice, but schools, skilled nursing facilities, and rehab facilities, as well as nursing homes, often have physical therapist assistants.

Education Requirements

Although this job is less demanding than other career options, it still requires some education. PTAs must complete an accredited program to earn their associate degree in most states. You can expect to learn first aid, lifesaving skills, and physiology.

Advancement Opportunities

There are many opportunities to advance after becoming a PTA. You can specialize in one therapy area to make it more lucrative. After gaining some experience as a PTA, you may consider other lucrative options such as self-employment or contract work. 

You can also move up the ladder by becoming a supervisor, increasing your seniority, or accepting a job at an institution. A bachelor's degree is required to become a licensed physical therapist.