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Performance Chips Feed Your Vehicle a Heavy Dose of Power

There are three types of chips to choose from, each with its unique characteristics and capabilities. Despite all the differences, they all have something in common that can elevate the performance of your vehicle to incredible heights.

The control module plugs into your electrical system directly under the hood and sits right between the data from your various sensors and the computer. You can also get performance chip services to tune & upgrades your diesel engine.

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The control module provides precise and instantaneous adjustments to your motor as it is always on and continuously reading and interpreting data from your sensors.

Each control module is programmed to maximize the performance and efficiency of your particular year, make and model of the vehicle taking into account the engine size, transmission type, and even tire size.

Like the control module, the performance programmer configures your vehicle's on-board computer to perform at its best but works differently. The power programmer is not a fixed component in your electrical system; they are plug-n-play devices. The advantage of the energy programmer is that you have more control over how your system is organized.

EMS is a complete replacement for your on-board computer and gives you almost unlimited control over almost all aspects of your vehicle control system. The engine management system is designed so that you can customize your car or truck exactly to your specifications.

It uses a reading from your sensor to start the engine at peak level. You can even connect your laptop to EMS to view performance information and change settings.