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Paraquat Related Lawsuits Against Herbicide Manufacturers

Numerous lawsuits have been filed with similar allegations against Syngenta, the herbicide manufacturer  alleging that paraquat-based herbicides have caused Parkinson's disease in farmers and people living in fields where the chemicals have been sprayed have increased dramatically as current demands increase.

This product protects soybeans, cotton, and other crops against invasive weeds. It also "helps to reduce soil erosion, protect soil health, and mitigate the impacts of climate change."

Recent syngenta paraquat claims against the company allege that the company should have done more for humans to avoid harm from paraquat. This includes altering the product to make the product less toxic and potentially harmful.

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Multiple studies have shown a strong link between paraquat and Parkinson's disease. Among other violations of law, the legal complaints allege that Syngenta, Paraquat producers, and others, were negligent and failed to warn about potential harm and violated implied warranties.

Plaintiffs in these lawsuits are mostly people who have been exposed to paraquat herbicides, and have been diagnosed as having Parkinson's disease.

Although Syngenta was more frequently sued than in the previous months, they weren't unusual. The number of lawsuits filed against Syngenta tripled to 15, and then it increased again, reaching 82 suits.

An analysis has shown that the company has been receiving an average of 1.4 lawsuits every day over the last three months.

Although they might have replied in individual lawsuits, Syngenta still has not filed documents in the original lawsuits covered by Law Street to dispute the claims against them. However, attorneys for the company appear in some lawsuits and request an extension of time to respond.