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Longevity of ERP Implementation Partner

ERP implementation and maintenance is a long process. Organizations may need frequent support and assistance throughout the ERP life cycle. The longevity of implementation partners plays an important role. 

It is very important to check the business background of the ERP software provider. You can try out if looking for the best ERP software.

Some of the questions organizations should ask from vendors are: How many years has the company been in the software business?

  • Know their main business

ERP business should be one of their core businesses, not the small business. People often tend to divest their smaller businesses because economies of scale don't justify running an ERP business. In such scenarios, you often get into trouble. 

  • When was the ERP product introduced and what is the current version?

  • Review customer lists suitable for your business and customer reviews.

  • Get recommendations from customers 

Try to visit their customers' sites, although due to time constraints and customer reluctance, it may not be possible for them to introduce their ERP to third parties. At least insist on customer requests from ERP providers.

Remember, choosing the right partner may be more important than choosing a product. Most products will be basically good and have functions that will meet most of your needs.