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Learn About Integrated Security System Features and Operation

The specific nature of an integrated security system depends on the customer's requirements as well as on the technology available. These features are designed for high-profile building security systems management and will not be present in a bespoke integrated security system for other buildings. 

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However, it does give you an idea of how advanced today's security technologies are and how many functions the operating system must integrate to achieve results. The main operating system behind the integrated security system is known as PSIM or Physical Security Information Management. 

It is a virtual brain that controls the integrated safety system and helps human operators make decisions. The PSIM platform has main functions that work together to improve security network performance and standards:-

First, the PSIM platform collects data from all individual security features and compares them. It then analyzes data, events, and alarms to calculate the priority of the situation before presenting the information in a simplified format for users to understand and respond effectively.

The platform will then provide Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), which are simple instructions based on best practices, and provide tools to help resolve the situation. The PSIM software tracks all processes and provides reports to the operator or system owner for analysis.