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Know More About Best Stretch forming

Stretch forming is a metal forming process that involves stretching and bending a piece of sheet metal over a die to create big shaped components.

Stretch forming is done on a stretch press, which secures a piece of sheet metal along its edges with gripping jaws. To stretch the sheet, the grasping jaws are individually coupled to a carriage that is pulled by pneumatic or hydraulic force.

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A stretch form block, also known as a form die, is a solid contoured component against which the sheet metal will be forced in this procedure.

The most typical vertical stretch presses have the form die resting on a press table that may be elevated into the sheet using a hydraulic ram.

Tensile pressures build when the forming die is forced into the sheet, which is grasped tightly at its edges, and the sheet plastically deforms into a new shape.

Horizontal stretch presses use grasping jaws to pull the sheet horizontally around the form die, which is mounted sideways on a fixed press table.

Within the constraints of machinery and material qualities, we can make aluminum alloys, stainless steel, titanium, and Inconel. Sheet skins, as well as extruded, roll-formed, and press brake shapes, are stretch formed.

With the bulldozer attachments to our Cyril Bath 800 tonne stretch press, we can stretch form reversing forms. Most drop hammer forming procedures are replaced by this method, which produces parts that are more stable and less subject to residual stress deformation