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Installing Shock Absorbers On Your Car To Improve Ride Quality

The shock absorbers don't actually absorb impact, they just moisturize it. Why is it important to know? To improve the quality of the ride, or when pulling the car, the white ankle ratio caused by the trailer bouncing and wobbling, it's worth understanding a few about the dynamics that shock absorbers are trying to control. This mod explains driving dynamics and related issues and how you can modify your car to dramatically improve your driving abilities.

Simply put, the sole purpose of a shock absorber car is to reduce compression and bounce of the suspension system by controlling the running speed of the suspension. Without them, your motorhome will keep jumping around until the kinetic energy is finally dissipated by the suspension springs. Now let's think about the law of conservation of energy. 

Shock Absorbers on Your Recreational Vehicle to Improve Ride Quality Shock Absorber Car

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Strikes have two functions according to this law. The first function is to slow down the suspension compression or jump cycle. Second, because the energy is indestructible, the shock converts the kinetic energy to heat by reducing the spring's "jump".

Retrofitting kits are usually required to mount car shock absorbers, although some towing devices already have the necessary frames and brackets. The upgrade kit contains the necessary brackets and hardware to easily install the shock absorbers. This kit uses plates that are attached to the bottom of the leaf spring hardware and which have tabs attached to the bottom of the mountable shock absorbers. 

The top shock mount is attached to the frame. Often times, holes need to be drilled in the frame to secure the top shock absorbers. It sounds scary, but overall there is enough material for the frame so that the boreholes don't weaken the frame significantly.