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How To Choose The Right Tea House

When you sit down to enjoy a cup of hot tea, do you dream of being somewhere else? These can range from beautiful Japanese pagodas to English country-style villas. 

Places like these may seem so far away when you sit in your kitchen reading the newspaper, but what if you could travel to this fantastic tea destination without leaving your local metropolitan area? Isn’t that amazing?

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The Top 10 Tea Houses in Shanghai

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Well, appreciations to great industrialists around the world, you can now enjoy the thrill of sipping tea in an authentically designed tea house without leaving your home country.

Almost every major city now has at least slight stunning-looking teahouses that create a categorically flawless setting for anyone who wants to enjoy a nice cup of hot tea in an atmosphere they will never forget.

If you want to enjoy a cup of green tea with gusto, there are teahouses around the world that are designed exactly as you would expect in 13th century China or Japan with all the details. These places really help set the mood for a fantastic cuppa.

Finally, when you need help searching one of these amazing tea destinations, just use the internet and a very useful website called Tea Map and you’ll catch all the teahouses near you in no time.