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How Do You Choose Right Fire Alarms Wires For Your Needs

Fire alarm wires are not "one-size-fits-all". There are many types of fire alarm wires available in the market. You may find the fire alarm wires that someone else recommends are not the best for you. There are many subcategories and categories of these cables.

It is important to determine what type of building you are looking for the cable for. A high-rise building, for example, will need a different kind of fire alarm cabling to work in different buildings. High-rise buildings are equipped with a specific type of fire alarm system in case of evacuation. This is because it is designed to address all possible hazards that may be encountered by the building's occupants.

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A power-limited fire alarm wire is one of the most common types of cable that you might encounter in your search. Legal stipulations require that this type of cable be run on enclosed tracks or tubes. This cable cannot extend beyond the enclosure's 10 feet limit.

Three subcategories can be used to break down power-limited cables even further. First, there is an FPL cable (fire power limited cable). Although this type of cable is the most versatile, there are restrictions. FPL cable can't be used in vents or ducts. This is a restriction that high-rise owners should be aware of.

Fire power limited plenum, or FPLP for short, is the second category of limited fire alarm cables. This cable is specifically designed for use in air passageways between floors. It is often found in high-rise apartments. The FPLR, or fire power limited riser, runs vertically between floors in a high-rise building. So select the right wires according to your requirement.