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How Do Virtual Reality Headsets Work?

The human eye and the human brain are wired to experience life as a series of three-dimensional images. This is called ‘visual perception.

However, virtual reality headsets do not use your eyes to display images. Instead, they simulate how things look and feel by displaying two different images separately to each eye. You can enjoy a virtual reality environment at

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Both of these images are generated by the headset, which creates the sensation that you are wearing a set of special glasses or goggles that have lenses that can display images in front of your eyes.

You may think this sounds like a good way to trick the human eye, but actually, it’s more accurate than using traditional screens because people’s brains are trained to interpret different visual elements differently.

For example, you may have seen a movie that seemed to shift from one scene to the next, but it wasn’t really changing scenes.

The human brain understands images as a series of still frames, so when you view a movie on a screen, your brain perceives those individual frames as continuous movement. So what makes VR headsets work? It all starts with how your computer processes video.  Virtual reality is beginning to revolutionize industries around the world, but there are still many things left to figure out.