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Homecare Medical Supplies Assist Immobile Patients

Patients with impaired mobility who spend a lot of time in one position or location often have problems with breaking the skin and developing sores. Although family doctors do their best to treat them regularly and relieve pressure sores and ulcers that may develop, this is not always enough. Using special medical supplies for the home will help relieve pain and heal wounds. Several home remedies are used to prevent skin irritation. You can also check out here to get more information about home care equipment.


Creams are applied to soften the surface of the skin and prevent it from drying out. Using a moisturizer helps exfoliate the skin and reduce calluses, flakes, and cracks. It is soft and smooth and less prone to ulcers and irritation.

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Antimicrobial Barrier

While people cannot use the toilet regularly, they are more likely to have bladder accidents when nailed. Body fluids that come into contact with the skin tend to dry it out and cause skin irritation. The presence of bacteria increases the risk of skin damage and infection.

Foot condition

Caring for the feet of a patient lying in bed between the sheets all day is a challenge in itself. Special moisturizers and creams specially formulated for feet help soften and fill in flaky and chapped surfaces.


The flat surface of the bed increases the risk of ulcers and abrasions. Various sanitary napkins are available to prevent pressure sores from the skin. Foam pillows, reminiscent of old-fashioned cardboard boxes, are one of the most popular types.