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Hill Walking Tips for the Perfect Hike

Hillwalking is a great way to get some exercise, see the countryside, and learn about nature. Following are some tips to help make your hill walk perfect. 

1. Plan the hike ahead of time. Research the area you will be hiking in and make sure to have a map and compass with you. Know the elevation gain and loss for the route you are planning to take so that you are aware of any steep hills or valleys along the way.

2. Wear appropriate clothing. Hill hiking can be very cold at night or during early morning hours, so make sure to pack a jacket and pants that will keep you warm. Bring a hat if it is cool out, and sunscreen if it is sunny.

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3. Take plenty of water with you. Drink plenty of fluids before starting your hike, and drink more during the hike itself to prevent dehydration. Carry a full water bottle or pack a hydration bladder for easy access when needed.

4. Pace yourself. Hillwalking is an endurance activity, so don’t try to do too much at once! Allow yourself enough time for each section of your hike, and take breaks as needed.

Be prepared and wear appropriate clothing. First and foremost, make sure you are properly prepared before you set out on your hike. Wearing the right clothes is essential not only to keep you warm but also to prevent injury. When choosing what to wear, think about the conditions you'll be hiking in dress for cool or cold weather, and dress for rain or snow.