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Green Amethyst -The Money Colored Gold

Amethyst is a type of quartz and precious gemstone. The green Amethyst is a form of green quartz that is obtained by heat-treating artificial amethyst. The name amethyst comes from Greek and comes from Methustos. 

It is believed that this gemstone protects the wearer from poisoning. Navigate here for an amethyst gemstone which is used as a drink antidote. In those days amethyst was used to make wine glasses. It is also noted that quartz can turn green under certain climatic conditions due to natural heat. 

Green quartz is found in clusters of crystals. The high volcanic temperatures are said to be responsible for the discoloration of the quartz and the formation of green amethyst.

The crystal structure of this elegant stone is different from other quartets. This is probably the reason why we couldn't find very large amethysts of a uniform color. The color varies even on the flap. 

Since the amethyst changes color due to heat, be careful not to wear it in high temperatures or even while sunbathing, as some stones change color even at the very low temperature of 250 degrees.

Many magical powers have been associated with this green amethyst in various cultures. It is said to bring good luck and good luck. So it's like human princes and princesses in history. It is known that the green amethyst is a symbol of high rank.

Beautiful jewelry made of green amethyst. Combined with diamonds, it looks adorable. The scarcity of this green amethyst led jewelers to find ways to make clones. This type of jewelry is an exclusive gift for people who are close to us. The gift of a green amethyst ring brings brilliance to the face of a loved one.