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Food Photography – Important Aspects To Concentrate On

If you happen to see a picture of delicious food in a magazine, you’d like to have shot yourself – bear your eyes on the fact that lots of thought were involved in the image. If you’d like to take similar pictures, you could start with this article.


It’s impossible to create a stunning photo without proper lighting. Try visiting the location you plan to photograph prior to the time. Take a look at the lighting and be aware that the ambient light is sufficient in many kitchens because they are neatly illuminated. 

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The Simple Artificial Lighting Setup I Use For Killer Food Photography

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However, if you want to have a bit more control over lighting, you can carry a single flash or even a couple of slaves for high lights. Additionally, you might experience yellowish hues if you’re shooting with bulb lights (ambient). 

Alternately, a fast shutter’s speed, as well as flash, could erase the yellow haze and you could even work to fix it using Photoshop also. You can use the color balance feature to reduce the yellow.


If you’re shooting with the light of an ambient source, then you will require a slower shutter speed. This means you must utilize the tripod. Choose the strongest tripod you can afford to transport to the location. 

You will likely be taking close-ups of food items. Again, the significance of tripods becomes more important than ever.

Professional food photography generally has a narrow range of focus. If you’re using a professional camera, it is possible to be able to get everything in focus with only some inches within the food area stored within. Tablecloths that are out of focus and chairs are common food backdrops.