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Electrical Tips By Experienced Electrician In Melbourne

Did you hear a buzzing somewhere in your house? Do not panic; This is not a ghost! Noise can also be caused by faulty electrical equipment or other electrical problems. Call the right electrician like summitelec in Melbourne ASAP for your worries along the way! 

This sound is a warning sign of a dangerous wiring problem. So don't waste time and save yourself future troubles by hiring an experienced electrician. They are very experienced, certified and will help you solve any problems. Let's talk something about electrical noise and how we can identify it.

To find out where the noise is coming from, follow the method below which will guide you to the source.

  • Use a process of elimination

  • Use a stethoscope

Method 1: Use a process of elimination

The electricians at Leichhardt prefer the process of elimination to detect electrical noise.

Step 1: Turn off all the circuit breakers in your house.

Step 2: Check the sound or what?

If you can still hear noise, make sure that the sound is coming from the house and not from the electrical equipment or system.

Step 3: If you don't hear any sound after turning off the switch, check the light switch, that circuit light, socket etc. After turning the switch back on.

Method 2: Use a stethoscope

The stethoscope detects sound coming from an outlet, lamp, or cable in your wall. This works best when you hear sound entering through the surface in your home.