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Diabetes Treatment With Cupping And Pure Salt Therapy

Diabetes insipidus is an uncommon metabolic condition in which the patient is able to produce large amounts of urine. They are always thirsty. It's caused by an absence of the pituitary hormone vasopressin. It is an antidiuretic that regulates the reabsorption of water by the kidneys. 

Treatment involves the vasopressin injection in the patient. It is not a treatment that can be achieved through Cupping or pure speleo therapy as the pituitary glands are situated within the brain. Type 1 is typically a problem for adolescents and children who are unable to produce insulin. Patients are totally dependent on insulin injections to live. 

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This hormone is created by the pancreas. It assists in regulating blood sugar levels in the event that it is higher than the prescribed limit. It is believed that the cause of type 1 is damaged pancreas tissue which produces insulin because of the wrongly targeted attack of the pancreas by the patient's defense body. The use of cups and Shin Gum Pure Salt therapy is not able to treat type 1 due to permanent damage to the pancreas.

Type 2 is the most prevalent type of diabetes and was most prevalent among patients between middle and older age. In recent years, the number of youngsters who suffer from Type 2 diabetes has grown. It is prevalent in teens in their twenties and 30s. The accumulation of sugar can lead to the appearance in the blood and eventually within the urine.