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Comparing Press Release Distribution Services

Free is not always the best value. This is especially true when it comes to the press release distribution service. Even though saving money for this service is quite tempting, you will want to think of other things that can affect the effectiveness of your press release, such as visibility. Although there are many companies offering this free service, there are also many traps associated with free release distribution services. 

Press releases are a great way to get news about the new products or services offered by the company. In order for consumers to learn about these products and services, they need to receive information about them. This is where distribution services release in the news. You can consider the best press release distribution services at

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  • Visibility – Good news release services make your product name out there and be seen by the public in various sectors. Through the newspaper, internet, radio, and sometimes even television, these are all places that must be included in the press release service in your press broadcast package.
  • Targeted customers – the more people who realize your product, the more customers you will attract; however, you want to attract people who will be interested in your product. The release must be distributed to the market where the reader and potential customers will find it.
  • High ranking in search engines – The internet provides a way for many people from various backgrounds and interests to communicate with each other; Therefore, good visibility in the top search engines like Google, Yahoo, AOL, etc. are also very desirable.
  • Track progress – another great feature of a good release distribution service, is that it must allow you to see the release progress. By being able to see how many pages show and see the press release you receive, you can determine how effective placement is.