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Best stunts with mountain bikes

For some people, riding a mountain bike on a 20 cm wide path on the side of a rock is enough fun. However, if you do cross a path like that, here are some mountain bike attractions you can try.

1. The Bunnyhop – The bunnyhop is a basic trick you can use while mountain biking. This is a skill that will help you deal with logs and debris of the same size along the way. Approach the object at the correct speed.  By reading this article you can find the best information about fair & friendly e-bike service.

Best stunts with mountain bikes

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2. The road. This trick can come in handy when you need to let someone else run ahead of you on a mountain bike trail. Stand on a level pedal at a low speed and balance with the slightest movement.

3. Ride the stairs. Stairs are a great simulation for driving on trails and nature reserves where the rugged terrain is permanent. Make sure you have a firm pressure on the tires when climbing stairs as these have strong square edges that can pinch and puncture the tires.

4. Exit. This maneuver works well for descending low and moderate curbs along the road. The key to mastering this technique is to start with small jumps and gradually work your way up to higher as the game progresses. With medium speed and one strong leg, advance to the edge with the pedals parallel.

5. Endo's turn. Apply the front brake at slow to medium speed and put your weight on the front of the bike. Use your hips for balance as the rear tire lifts off the ground. Release the front brake so that the front wheel rotates.