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An Introduction To VPN In Singapore

Virtual Private Networking, or VPN, is a technology that lets people access their office's computer network over the Internet while at home or traveling. Accessing a network in this way is referred to as remote access. For comparison, another common form of remote access is dialing into the office network over a telephone line.

But a VPN is not only useful for remote access. It can also be used to connect two separate offices remotely. This is sometimes called a "permanent VPN tunnel" or wide area network (WAN) connection. You can easily setup a VPN services in Singapore with the help of professionals.

RAS VPN So why should you use a RAS VPN? For example, you want users to be able to work from home. Or maybe someone needs to extract files on the go.

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Without a VPN to provide network resources to users in the office, network administrators will have to weaken your network security by opening loopholes in your firewall – which is usually not a good idea. Or remote users may need to make calls, sometimes for long-distance charges.

With a VPN, the integrity of your office network is maintained, but you can allow remote users to act as part of the office network. Once connected via VPN, remote users can access files, print to printers, and generally do whatever they can with their computers in the office.

In small office networks, VPNs are usually implemented through routers. Nearly every small office that shares an Internet connection with more than one computer already has a router, but most don't include a VPN.