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All About The Stylish CZ SP01 Shadow

The CZ-SPEC01 SP01 is a single-action, hammer-fired pistol with an integrated Picatinny rail. The SP01 is also the first firearm to use the new captive recoil spring assembly that allows for greater overall pistol reliability and it features a slide-mounted de-cocker. For an amazing shooting experience, you can also find affordable CZ sp 01 shadows at

The History of the CZ SP01

CZ developed the SP01 in 2002. The SP01 set a new standard for gun design and features. It was designed with ergonomics in mind with a superior grip, lightweight, and a low bore axis. It also has an ambidextrous safety and magazine release. It was designed with modern tactical shooters in mind but is still available at a fair price.

Characteristics of the CZ SP01

The CZ SP01 pistol is a 9mm self-loading handgun manufactured by Czech arms company eská Zbrojovka Uherský Brod (CZUB). It is a compact and lightweight compact polymer-framed pistol. There are several variants available to the public, including the standard model with an alloy frame, the Tactical Sport with a polymer frame, and the P-01 for police use. The SP01 also has a magazine capacity of 18 rounds.

How to Clean a CZ SP01

Many people like the CZ SP01 because it is a high-quality pistol. It does not have any problems like a standard pistol. One issue that can be seen with this type of pistol is the dirt and grime that easily accumulate on the outside of the barrel and slide.