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Accessories Available With Steel Buildings

Steel construction is versatile and can be used to add on many accessories. You can add many accessories to your steel building, whether you are building an office park or a barn, church, or small hangar.

Personnel doors

Personal doors are available in either long-vue or solid metal. Doors can come with 16-gauge frames, and all hardware is included. Face sheets are usually 20 gauge and embossed. They can be protected with a G-60 hot dipped galvanized coating with a 2-coat acrylic paint.

Frame Openings

These are wall-opening accessory items, such as overhead doors, which require framing and support that is easily accommodated by quality, bolt-in, adjustable rooftop unit support frames.


Both continuous ridge vents and circular vents by are fabricated by galvalume or painted steel and have operable dampers.


Sliding slash aluminum windows are specifically designed to be used with various exterior wall systems. Windows may include latch, half-screen, weather-stripping, and provisions for storm sash installation.


Steel-constructed wall louvers have overlapping design weather tight blades which can be either fixed or adjustable. An insect screen is standard, and louvers may be installed either singly or side-by-side.

Translucent Panels 

Translucent glass fiber panels may be provided in either "general purpose" or UL-Approved fire retardant material.

Eave & Gable Canopies

Structural eave and gable canopies may either be extensions of the roofline or situated below the eave or rake line. Both types of canopies are fully framed and trimmed and include return downspouts for eave canopies.